The Complete Book on Spices & Condiments with Formulation


The present book contains cultivation, processing, and uses of various spices and condiments, which are well known for their multiple uses in every house all over the world. The book is an invaluable resource for new entrepreneurs, agriculturists, agriculture universities, and technocrats.

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The great mystery and beauty of spices are their use, blending and ability to change and enhance the character of the food. Spices and condiments have a special significance in various ways in human life because of its specific flavors, taste, and aroma. To produce good quality spice products, attention is required not only during cultivation but also at the time of harvesting, processing and storing. Not as large as in the days when, next to gold, spices were considered most worth the risk of life and money.

The trade is still extensive and the oriental demand is as large as ever. Some of the fundamentals of the book are definition of spices and condiments nomenclature or classification of spices and condiments, Indian central spices and cashew nut committee, origin, properties and uses of spices, forms, functions and applications of spices, trends in the world of spices, yield and nutrient uptake by some spice crops grown in sodic soil, tissue culture and in vitro conservation of spices, in vitro responses of piper species on activated charcoal supplemented media, soil agro-climatic planning for sustainable spices production, potentials of biotechnology in the improvement of spice crops, medicinal applications of spices and herbs, medicinal properties and uses of seed spices, effect of soil solarization on chillies, spice oil and oleoresin from fresh dry spices etc.