25 Most Profitable Agricultural Distribution Business Ideas

Agricultural distribution is a lucrative business opportunity globally. Because agricultural products are highly related to the food and ancillary industries. The object of crafting this article is to provide 25 most profitable agricultural distribution business ideas.

Agro products embrace a broad all-inclusive category of products related to agriculture. It includes a comprehensive range of raw and finished goods under the classifications of plants, animals, and other life forms. Also, these are the most traded product all over the world. In addition, a wide range of products offers a wide range of distribution opportunity globally. Broadly we can classify agro products into three categories. One is productive resources like feed, seed, fertilizer, equipment, energy, pesticides, machinery, etc. Another is processed commodities of food and fiber. And the third one is fresh food items like fruits, vegetables etc.

Any individual can start an agricultural distribution business with a small capital also. However, starting with a large network ensures better profitability

List Of 25 Lucrative Agricultural Distribution Business Ideas

#1. Agricultural Machinery & Equipment

Agricultural machinery and equipment generally help to improve the productivity. Thus, these are the most important factors for the farmers. In addition, there is always a demand for more effective tools and machinery. Generally, the list includes tractor, cultivator, tiller, tractor spare parts, sowing & planting machinery, harrow, plough etc. In addition, some of the harvesting and post harvesting machinery are very popular. These are oilseed processing, crop processing, and drying machines. Read More…

#2. Aromatic Plants

aromatic plants trading is a hugely profitable business. Apart from fresh consumption, essential oils are the major products. In addition, cosmetics, medicine, and personal care industries are the major consumer of this product. Some of the high-value items are lemon grass, mint, vetiver, celery, lavender, rose, cinnamon, patchouli etc.

#3. Beverages & Juices

Beverages and juices are the major processed products of fruits. Apart from the different type of fruits, the category includes a variety of tea and coffee. However, some of the most popular items are mango, aloe vera, orange, tomato, apple, and mixed fruit juice.

Agricultural Distribution Business Opportunities 

#4. Cereals and Pulses

Cereals and pulses are the most integral part of our lives. They provide the solution of the major food requirement. However, this type of agricultural distribution business is capital intensive. You must ensure a sufficient stock of the products. Some of the most profitable items are rice, wheat, maize, corn, rye, rice bran, groundnut etc.

#5. Coconut & Coir Products

coconut is the most useful palm in the world. In addition, the every part of the tree is useful. Coir is a rough, coarse fiber. Some of the lucrative and value-added products are coconut water, dry milk powder, chips, coconut cream and coir products.

#6. Dairy Products

Dairy products are the very popular items for human consumption. The list includes packaged milk, butter, cheese, ghee, flavored milk, yogurt, card, paneer cream, and ice cream.

#7. Dry Fruits & Nuts

Dry fruits and nut are the tasty and healthy snacks items. In addition, these are rich with minerals. The wide product range includes cashew nut, peanut, almond, dates, apricot, figs, walnut etc.

#8. Edible Oils

Edible oils are the essential items for food processing. In addition, it makes an item eatable. There are a huge variety of edible oils you can find. However, most popular oils are sunflower oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, castor oil, soyabean oil, palm oil etc.

Agricultural Distribution Business Ideas

#9. Essential Oils

Essential oils are the aromatic products. The major consumers are the cosmetics, beauty and personal care industries. In addition, the growing health consciousness among the people are the major factor for the increasing demand of essential oils. However, most popular items are juniper, anise, basil, tea tree, ginger, lemon, rosemary, sandalwood etc.

#10. Fertilizers

Fertilizers are the major agro inputs. The industry is really lucrative. In addition, you can start a small scale fertilizer distribution business in your local area. However, the business demands specific permission from the Govt. department. Furthermore, most popular items are bio fertilizers, micronutrients, organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers etc.

#11. Flowers

Good quality flowers have the great commercial values. Even these are the best products for export also. You can start this business with moderate capital investment. The product list includes cut rose, carnation, lotus, orchid, jasmine etc.

#12. Fodder

Fodders are essential items for any livestock farming business. In addition, it enables the livestock remain healthy.   Fodder includes hay, straw, sprouted legumes, etc.

#13. Fruits

Fruits are the 2nd highest traded items after vegetables. In addition, they are a rich source of many important nutrients like fibers, vitamins, water, etc. In this segment, most profitable items are apple, mango, grapes, pineapples etc.

#14. Herbal Products

Herbs are very popular globally. In addition, they have exotic flavor and medicinal properties. Also, they are very high-value items. Some of the most popular items are amla powder, Brahmi, Bhring raj, tulsi etc.

Agricultural Distribution Business 

#15. Honey

This is an another thriving product you can start distribution. Honey is a naturally occurring syrup. And it contains glucose, fructose, vitamins, and minerals. Natural honey has a high demand in the market.

#16. Marine Food Supplies

Marine foods are the popular items. Apart from the household consumption, there is a good market in the hotels and restaurants. Those institutions buy these products regularly. A wide range of products includes dry fish, shrimps, prawns, and crab.

#17. Meet & Poultry Food

Meet & poultry food serve the large demand for the animal proteins. Worldwide most popular items are the egg, chicken, lamb, pork, beef etc.

#18. Natural Dyes & Pigments

Chemical dyes and pigments are harmful to the environment. So, nowadays the demand for the natural dyes and pigments are increasing. There are thousands of items you can find in this segment.

#19. Pickles & Condiments

Pickles and condiments are the popular food items in the processed food segment. However, there are a huge variety of the products available with the different taste. Moreover, some of the most popular items are sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, pickles etc.

#20. Processed Food & Snacks

Processed food and snacks items are gaining popularity rapidly these days. The wide range of products includes frozen vegetables, processed meat, porridge, packaged cookies etc.

#21. Seeds

Seeds are the most important agricultural inputs. In addition, you can start the business with other distribution business like agricultural machinery or fertilizer. However, you must select the product line according to the local demand.

Agricultural Distribution Business Opportunities

#22. Spices

Spices are the essential items for cooking and food processing. They come in whole or powder form. They enhance the flavour and taste of the food. The most popular product list includes turmeric, ginger, clove, chili, coriander etc.

#23. Sugar & Jaggery

These are important food items.  Sugar is an important part of the daily diet and forming a class of edible substances. Jaggery product is also popular for making sweets items.

#24. Tobacco Products

Tobacco is an end product of the tobacco leaf. And the product has many commercial uses. It is the main raw material of cigarette. However, the business demands a substantial capital investment for wide distribution.

#25. Vegetables

Fresh vegetable distribution is really a profitable business. However, sourcing is the major factor in this business. In addition, you must select the items according to the local demand.

Agricultural distribution offers a wide range of products. Thus, gives an opportunity to start a small, medium and small scale distribution business. However, identifying the local demand and proper material sourcing are two major aspects of this business.