Top 12 Home Based Agricultural Manufacturing Business Ideas

Are you searching for home based agricultural manufacturing business ideas? Find here a list of 12 best agro-based home-based manufacturing business opportunities.

Basically, home manufacturing allows you to start a business within limited financial risk. Additionally, you can consider starting a home based business as part-time also. Generally, home-based businesses demand simple machinery and equipment for operation. Sometimes, you can initiate a business even from your kitchen.

However, the location plays an important role in starting agro-based home manufacturing business. Because these agro-based businesses demand adequate and regular supply of the specific raw materials. Therefore, you must start the business according to your local produce.

List of 12 Agricultural Manufacturing Business Ideas

#1. Bamboo & Cane Furniture Making

Basically, you can produce furniture items like tables, chairs, stools and small fancy items from cane and bamboo. Cane and bamboo furniture’s are attractive and elegant. Both upper and middle-class people, restaurant, and guesthouses demand such furniture. With a very small capital investment, you can start this business.

#2. Biscuit Making

If you enjoy baking, this business is just perfect for you. Globally, there is a huge market for homemade biscuits. Generally, a full-scale commercial biscuit making business demands an upfront startup capital investment towards plant, machinery, raw materials and operation. However, a home-based biscuit manufacturing business comparatively small startup capital investment.

#3. Cake & Cookies

This is an another niche item in the bakery industry. basically, delicious cookies and customized cakes have the great demand in the market. Additionally, you can sell you product from your own online store. Also, you can tap the local retail market for selling your products.

#4. Dried Flower

The demand for good quality dried flower is increasing rapidly. Generally, flowers are the most profitable plant. And flowers fetch maximum profit to the growers. Generally, gifting and decorating industries are the major consumers of this type of flowers. This type of flowers is popular as “everlastings” because they last so long when dried. Read More…

#5. Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit juice is a popular item in the beverage industry compared to other packaged drink. In addition, the consumption of packaged fruit juice is increasing rapidly. Due to its ready-to-eat property, people prefer packaged fruit juice. A small scale and home-based operation are possible in fruit juice making. Read More…

#6. Fruit Toffee Making

Fruit toffee or fruit bars are the delicious and healthy food items. Generally, people from all age groups consume these items. You can start this business from home with some simple equipment and apparatus. In addition, the business is just perfect opportunity for the housewives and women entrepreneurs too.

#7. Ginger Garlic Paste

This is an FMCG item. And it is getting immense popularity not only in the urban areas but also small towns and rural areas. Any individual can start this business on the small scale with moderate capital investment. Even if you have sufficient space, you can start the business from home. Read More…

#8. Jam & Jelly

Jam jelly making simply an evergreen and profitable business. Additionally, the business is easy to start and operate. However, you must know the technique of preparation and packaging. The manufacturing process is simple. And you can prepare a wide range of products according to the availability of raw materials.

#9. Papad Making

Papad is a very delicious and tasty snacks item. However, the food is popular in the Asia Pacific region heavily. The manufacturing process is simple. The raw materials are also available widely. Therefore, any individual can start papad making business with small capital investment. Read more…

#10. Pickles Making

Pickle making is a great business globally. However, pickles are more popular in the Asia Pacific region basically. Pickles come with a wide range of variety. Additionally, the specific taste and physical condition generally vary depending upon the taste of the local people. Read More…

#11. Spice Processing

Basically, spice is an essential item in cooking. Additionally, processed food industry is the largest consumer of spice as well. However, there are a variety of spices available globally. And the prominence depends on the taste of local consumers. Read More…

#12. Tomato Processing

Basically, tomato processing includes a wide range of products. These are tomato sauce, ketchup, puree, juice etc. If you are starting with small capital, you can consider starting with a single item. As your business grows, you can scale up with the entire range of items. Read More…

We hope, the above list of 12 low-cost and home based agricultural manufacturing business ideas will help you in starting a business of your own.