60+ Most Profitable Money Making Small Agriculture Business Ideas

Agriculture plays an important role in the overall global economy. And therefore, offers huge prospects for the entrepreneurs. Here in the article, we intend to provide 60+ agriculture business ideas for your ready reference.

Broadly, agriculture offers four different types of business opportunities. These are productive resources, farming or cultivation, agricultural commodities or agro-processing and facilitative services. Productive resources generally cater to a wide range of products like feed, seed, fertilizer, farm equipment, energy, pesticides, insecticide, fungicide, nutrients, machinery, etc.

On the other hand, agricultural commodities refer to a wide range of raw and processed commodities of food and fiber. Furthermore, the farm activity includes vegetable, fruits, grains, spice, herbs, and flower farming. It also includes livestock farming.

60+ Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas

Agrochemical Manufacturing

Agrochemical is a multi-billion dollar industry. And also this industry is lucrative. The industry caters a wide range of products. However, agrochemical manufacturing is a capital-intensive business. Read More…

Bio Fertilizer Manufacturing

The demand for biofertilizers is increasing rapidly. In manufacturing biofertilizer, a laboratory setup is mandatory. However, a proper marketing is most crucial to get success in this business. Read More…

Botanical Pesticide Manufacturing 

Botanical pesticides and insecticides are naturally occurring chemicals. The awareness and demand for this product are increasing. The manufacturing process is also simple.

Certified Seed Production

Certified seeds have huge demand. And the manufacturing process is also simple. However, you must comply with your state Govt Agency. In starting this business, you can source the seeds by contract farming. Read More…

Cocoa Processing

Actually, raw cocoa is not a consumable item. So, it needs proper processing to get cocoa beans and cocoa powder. Also, proper post-harvest management is important after the immediate harvest of cocoa pods.

Fungicide Manufacturing 

Generally, fungicides protect the crop and seeds from the fungus attack. It is an essential item for every farmer. Fungicide technical grade manufacturing is a highly capital intensive business. However, revenue-wise this is one of the most lucrative ventures in the industry.

Hydroponic Equipment Selling

Hydroponic allows growing the plant with only water and without soil. This type of plantation is gaining popularity nowadays. However, selling hydroponic equipment demands basic knowledge and skill about the hydroponic system.

Insecticide Formulation

This is another thriving business in the industry. However, the manufacturing of insecticide technical grade is highly capital intensive. So we recommend starting an insecticide formulation and marketing business.

Livestock Feed Production

Livestock feed caters a wide range of products. The product list includes poultry feed, cattle feed, fish feed, etc. You can start this business as small and medium scale basis.

Micronutrient Manufacturing

Micronutrient manufacturing is one of the most profitable businesses in the industry. Some of the most popular items are magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, mix micronutrient foliar spray, etc.

Pesticide Formulation

Like insecticide, we recommend you start a pesticide formulation and marketing business. In that case, you will need to source the technical grade pesticide from the manufacturers. After the formulation of commercial-grade, you can sell the product in your brand name.

Vermicompost Production

Vermicompost is one of the most popular compost fertilizers in the industry. The manufacturing process is simple. Additionally, you can start this business with a small capital investment.

Flower Farming

Floriculture or commercial flower farming is a profitable business. There is an immense potential in the domestic flower market. In addition, big flower farms can earn very lucrative revenue from exports. Floriculture is an important commercial trade in agriculture. Check this post for 20+ Floriculture Business Ideas floriculture business ideas.

Fruits Farming

Fruit farming is an important sector of horticulture. It has immense economic importance. Also, this is a high paying option for land utilization. Nowadays, you will find improved seeds and developed technology for fruit farming. Check this post, 35 Profitable Fruit Farming Business Ideas for fruit farming business ideas.

Livestock Farming

Animal farming or livestock farming is a profitable business worldwide. The demand for livestock products is increasing rapidly. The major reasons are the immense growth of population, income growth, rapid urbanization and the production response in different livestock systems. Check this post, Top 20+ Livestock Farming Business Ideas for livestock farming business ideas.

Plantation Crop Farming 

Plantation crop includes a large group of crops. The term Plantation crops refer to those crops which are cultivated on an extensive scale in a large contiguous area. However, the farm may be owned and managed by an Individual or a company. These plantation crops are high-value commercial crops of greater economic importance. Check this post  15 Lucrative Plantation Crop Farming Business Ideas for plantation crop farming business ideas.

Spice Farming

Spice is an important item in flavoring foods. Different types of spices bring unique natural taste to cuisine. Even spices can change the look of the food to more attractive color. Check this post, 20 Profitable Spice Farming Business Ideas for spice farming business ideas.

Vegetable Farming

Vegetable farming is definitely a profitable business. And this not only true bigger farmers. Also, it is profitable for small and marginal farmers. A small-scale vegetable farm has the earning potential throughout the year. Check this post  30 Profitable Vegetable Farming Business Ideas for vegetable farming business ideas.


The bakery is the best small-scale business in the food processing industry. And this is one of the most traditional industry also. In addition, you can start the business from your home location also.

Bamboo & Cane Items Making

Most popular bamboo and cane items are furniture items, utility items, and home decor items. With simple equipment and tools, you can start this business. However, you must have the skill for crafting these items.

Banana Wafer Making  

The banana wafer is gaining popularity rapidly. If you are living in an area where you can easily procure the fresh banana, then this is the perfect business for you. However, you must pay attention to the packaging of this product.

Basket Making

Basket making is a very good home-based business. You can sell the basket on the wholesale and retail basis. Additionally, you can sell gift baskets to your corporate clients.

Broom Making

Broom making is the traditional industry. And it doesn’t demand and big machinery involvement. You can start this business at home. However, proper distribution is important to get success in this business.

Cashew Processing

Cashew processing is a profitable business. However, this business demands moderate capital investment in machinery and raw materials. In addition, you will need to ensure the regular supply of raw cashew to your factory for the processing.

Coconut Oil Manufacturing

Coconut oil manufacturing operation is considered as a techno-commercially profitable venture. In many countries, coconut oil is an important cooking medium. In addition, this product has immense potential in cosmetics, personal care, and herbal industry.

Dal Milling

You can start this business on a small-scale basis. The business demands small capital investment also. However, it is advisable to check the local market demand before initiating the business. In addition, the business has good export potential also. Read More…

Dried Flower Making

Dried flowers are considered as the great decorating alternatives of fresh flowers. Due to the longer shelf life, this product is gaining rapid popularity. You can start this business as the home-based also. Read More…

Flour Milling

Flour milling is a traditional business. However, these days you will find a lot of modern flour milling machinery in the market. Quality product and good packaging are the most crucial aspects of this business.

Frozen Meat Production

Frozen meat production business demands substantial capital investment. This product has good export potential also. The business is really lucrative. However, proper marketing planning is important to get the success in this business. Read More…

Fruit Bar Making

Generally, mango and pineapples are major fruits in fruit bar making industry. You can start this business on the small-scale and home-based basis. However, you must maintain proper machine drying process and good packaging of the finished product.

Fruit Juice Making

Different type of squash and fruit juices have good commercial potential in the market. Sometimes it comes as mixed fruit juice. According to the availability of the fruit items, you can start this business on the small-scale basis.

Ginger Garlic Paste Making

This is another very profitable small-scale business. The product is gaining huge popularity because of its ready to use property. However, you will need to apply right preservative in the right quantity to enhance the shelf life of the product. Read More…

Ginger Oil Making

Ginger oil has immense commercial potential in the food processing and cosmetics industry. The manufacturing process is also simple. The product has good export potential also.

Grape Wine Production

You can start grape wine manufacturing business with substantial capital investment. In addition, you will need to ensure a regular supply of fresh grapes to your factory. In most of the cases, will need to set up your own vineyards. Otherwise, you can go for contract farming.

Groundnut Processing 

Groundnut processing is a profitable business. Additionally, you can start this business as a small-scale basis also. Groundnut oil has good market potential. However, you must establish a good distributor network to get success in this business.

Honey Processing

You can start honey processing in two ways. You can start your own beekeeping business with the honey processing unit. Or you can procure the natural honey from other beekeepers for processing. Read More…

Ice Cream Making

Ice cream industry is one of the most lucrative in the milk processing industries. The production process is also simple. However, the business demands moderate startup capital investment. Additionally, you must establish a good distribution network to get success in the business.


The demand for jaggery is there both in the rural as well as urban areas. It finds applications in day to day cooking. Unlike sugar, the market of jaggery is seasonal during the harvesting of sugar cane. It has a low shelf life and is generally available for approximately six months in a year.

Jam Jelly Making

Any individual can start jam jelly-making business from home. The manufacturing process is simple. Additionally, you can produce marmalade and squash. Mango, apple, pineapple, strawberry and mixed fruit jams are the popular products in this segment.


Microbreweries generally serve freshly brewed beers with different flavors. This is a very self-rewarding business. However, you must secure a good location for this business.

Milk Processing

This milk processing industry caters a wide range of products. It includes packaged milk, skimmed milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, cottage cheese etc. You can start a large scale milk processing plant. Otherwise, you can start with one or two products with a small capital investment.

Onion Paste Processing 

Onion paste has a good market demand. Due to its ready to cook properly, the product is gaining popularity rapidly. The manufacturing process is simple. However, you will need to pay attention to packaging.

Pickles Making

Pickles and Chutney are the popular products globally. However, the origin of this product in the Asia Pacific. Generally, the different types of pickles are popular in different regions. So in starting this business, you must consider the taste of the local people of your area. Read More…

Potato Chips Making

You can start potato chips making business with moderate capital investment. This salty snack is very popular among every age group of people. Additionally, you can produce french fries from the same production unit. Read More…

Potato Powder Making

Potato powder making is another thriving business in the agro-processing industry. However, the business demands substantial capital investment in machinery and raw materials.

Rice Milling

If you are living in an area where you can easily procure a lot of fresh paddies, then rice milling is a perfect business for you. Nowadays, there are several modern machines you can find. However, this business demands a moderate capital investment.

Soya Beans Processing

You can start soya beans processing with small capital investment. There are several value-added products you can produce and sell the soya beans. However, soya chunks, soya milk, and soya bean oils are the most popular items.

Spice Processing

Spice grinding and packaging are the profitable business. Even graded whole spice packaging is also a lucrative venture. In addition, some of the special combined spices have better demand in the market. Read More…

Sugar Milling

Sugar milling is a large-scale industry. Additionally, the business demands substantial capital investment. However, revenue-wise the business is hugely lucrative. Furthermore, it has immense export potential.

Sunflower Oil Processing

Sunflower oil is a popular cooking oil worldwide. In addition, this oil is an essential item in the processed food industry. However, you can start this business on a small-scale basis.

Tea Processing

Tea processing is a profitable business. However, you must establish the unit nearby tea growing areas. so that you can procure the fresh tea easily. Tea has also good export demand. Read More…

Textile Milling

A textile mill is a manufacturing facility where you can produce or process textiles, or types of clothes into finished products, such as clothing. Alike other milling business, textile milling is a large scale business. However, this is a multi-million dollar industry.

Tutti Frutti Making

Tutti frutti is an essential raw material for the bakery and confectionery industry. The manufacturing process is simple. Additionally, you can start this business as home-based also. Read More…

Agri Clinic

Agriclinic is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas in the service industry. However, it caters a wide range of service. The list includes soil testing, water testing for aquaculture, nutrient management etc. And an individual can start this business in two ways. You can start a full-scale agri-clinic with a variety of services. Otherwise, you can deal with one or two services.

Agricultural Distribution

Agricultural distribution is a lucrative business opportunity globally. Because agricultural products are highly related to the food and ancillary industries. Agro products embrace a broad all-inclusive category of products related to agriculture. Check this post, 25 Most Profitable Agricultural Distribution Business Ideas for agricultural distribution business ideas.

Agriculture Consulting

Agriculture consulting service has high demand among the farmers. They often look for experts’ advice for their farms. If you are a subject matter expert and have a handful of experience on a specific subject, you can start this business.

Cold Chain

A cold chain is a temperature-controlled, uninterrupted supply chain. Additionally, the unbroken distribution activities maintain a given temperature range. Generally, it helps to extend and ensure the shelf life of products such as fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food, photographic film, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs.

Cold Storage

Cold storage is a specific refrigerated of frozen storage facilities, usually used to store food or pharmaceuticals. There are many different types of cold storage of different sizes are popular globally. If you are living in an area where is a local demand for a cold storage you can start this business. Read More…


Export-import of agricultural produce is a profitable business globally. According to your local production and demand for the products, you can start this business. This industry is highly profitable and organized also.

Farm Equipment Selling

Farm equipment selling is all time a profitable business. And it gives a lucrative income to the sellers. You can sell the products of any reputed company. In that case, you will need to take distributorship of that company. Even you can start the wholesale distribution business of these products. Read More…


This industry offers a wide range of business opportunities. It encompasses flower care and handling, floral design, or flower arranging, merchandising, and display and flower delivery. However, you can start this business focusing on a specific niche audience with small capital investment.

Green House Consulting

Generally, commercial glass greenhouses or hothouses are high-tech production facilities for vegetables or flowers. And the greenhouse owners often look for experts’ advice for the better yield and profitability. If you have the right knowledge and skill, you can start this business with less or no capital investment.

Irrigation Business

Irrigation plays an important role in cultivation and farming. Therefore, the proper irrigation system is highly required for any type of farm activities. Generally, the business caters a wide range of products and services. The list includes planning, designing, material supply, and installation.

Landscape Expert

Landscape expert is an educated expert person in the field of landscape architecture. You can offer a wide range of services as landscape expert. The list includes site analysis, site inventory, land planning, planting design, grading, stormwater management, sustainable design, construction specification and ensuring that all plans meet the current building codes and local and federal ordinances.

Organic Store

The demand for organically grown food is increasing rapidly. Apart from a physical store, you can establish an online organic store with moderate capital investment. However, the business demands proper operational and marketing planning to get the success.

Soil Testing Service

This is a very specific type of service you can offer to your local farm owners. Even you can start a mobile soil testing service facility. However, you must invest moderate startup capital in the laboratory equipment and testing agents. Read More…

If you want to get into service related agriculture businesses, there is a wide range of opportunities to explore in the fields like soil testing, water testing, consulting, post-harvest management, marketing, insurance, distribution, packaging, transportation, storage etc.

Still, today one-third of the economically active population obtains its livelihood from agriculture. Additionally, in Asia and Africa, millions of small-scale and subsistence farmers produce most of the food consumed worldwide, in most cases on very small plots of land.

The agriculture industry is a profitable and lucrative industry for entrepreneurs. Here we have provided a list of 60+ agriculture business ideas which we believe will help the entrepreneurs in deciding their preferred business to start with.