Top 10 Best Agriculture Retail Business Ideas

Do you want to start a retail business in the agriculture industry? Are you searching for agro retail business ideas? Find here 10 most trending agro retail business ideas you can start with small and moderate capital investment.

Agriculture is the most evergreen sector in the global economy. Additionally, the industry plays a pivotal role in the growth of the economy also. Apart from farming or producing goods, you can start retail ventures to sell the agriculture related products.

Basically, the success of any type of retail business depends on the several aspects. These are selecting right product and location, sourcing of the products and right approach. In retail business, you have to select the products according to your local market demand. Therefore, before initiating any retail business, you have to identify the demand for the specific products at your location.

List of 10 Best Agro Retail Business Ideas

#1. Agricultural & Irrigation Products Store

This is one of the best retail business for the rural areas and small towns. Basically, you can start the business by two ways. Either you can open a full-scale store with a wide range of products or open a niche store.

You can sell several items from the store. These are agricultural equipment, tools, irrigation products, farming automotives, pumps etc. If you are an absolute beginner, then you can start the business as a franchise also. Also, you can take the distribution responsibility of a reputed company to start the business. Read More…

#2. Animal Feed Store

Globally, livestock industry is huge. And good quality livestock feed has always tremendous demand. Basically, the productivity of the livestock business hugely depends on the feeds. As a result, farm owners always look for quality feeds for the animals.

According to the local demand, you can open a livestock feed store. In this segment, some of the major items are fish feed, cattle feed, poultry feed, birds feed etc. In addition to the feed, you can also keep stock of the items related to the livestock business as per the local demand.

 #3. Bonsai Store

Creating bonsai is a combination of art and science. Bonsai is actually a miniature piece of the plant grown in a small pot. However, it is different from normal potted plants. Growing and selling of bonsai are the profitable business.

Basically, bonsai is a home decor item. And it comes under life style product category. Therefore, attractive bonsai plants fetch more profits than other ornamental plants. According to your investment capacity and market demand, you can open a bonsai store with small capital investment.

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#4. Fertilizer Distribution & Retailing

Fertilizer distribution and retailing are the traditional businesses. However, if you want to start the business with small capital investment, then you can go for only retailing. Broadly, you can sell fertilizer, micronutrients, pesticides, insecticides and a wide range of agrochemicals. Basically, the overall success of a fertilizer store depends on the several aspects.

First of all, you must sell the quality products to the farmers. Try to keep a wide range of item. So that, you can offer several products. Additionally, you must do some product promotion activity. The farmers training programme is the best way to promote the products to the local consumers.

#5. Flower Shop

Decorative flower shop is a highly profitable business. However, the business is risky too. Basically, the flowers are highly perishable items. Therfore, you must have the arrangement for preserving the flowers. You can sell the flowers as gift items and also for decorating the spaces for festival or occassions.

Have a space at the right location. And deorate the store with right product display strategy. Additionally, have a website with online purchase system. Nowadays, flower delivery is an emerging business in the both developed and developing countries.

#6. Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Store

This is the best business for the metro cities. Basically, the city population wants to shop in a confortable atmosphere with an enjoyment of shopping. Additionally, they prefer to shop from a departmental store where they can have the access of a wide range of products.

Selecting the location is the make or break decision for this business. Additionally, study your local market demand before initiating the business. You must have right arrangements to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables for a long period of time.

#7. Organic Food Store

As people are becoming more health concsious, the demand for organic food is increasing very fast. In addition, people wants to buy certified organic food items from the reliable brands. Therefore, you must establish a trust worthy brand to get the long term sucees in this agro retail business.

From an organic food store you can sell both the fresh and processed food items. However, you must select the products according to the local market demands.

#8. Plant Nursery

A small plant nursery is a profitable business. Additionally, you can start the business with low-cost. Even, you don’t need to have a great location for this retail business. If you love gardenning, then you must consider starting this business. In addition, this is one of the best opportunities for the women entrepreneurs also.

Before starting the business, check the local market demand. Additionally, if you are starting the business with small capital investment, then concentrate on the niche audience.

#9. Seed Shop

Seeds are the most important items for any farmers. Because good seeds only produce high yield of quality products. Generally, farmers prefer to buy seeds from a trustworthy and reliable seed seller. So, you must offer good quality seeds that can produce quality products.

Nowadays, the demand for hybrid seeds is increasing very fast. Additionally, several companies and Govt. research centers are always trying to invent more quality seeds for higher yield and productivity. The seed industry is very promising. Therefore, starting a seed store is a lucrative opportunity for the entrepreneurs.

#10. Soil Testing Laboratory

This business is perfect for the people who have an educational background in agriculture, biotechnology or microbiology or chemistry. If you are an agronomist, this business is just for you. However, a passionate individual can start this business with consistent dedication.

The business demands moderate capital investment for purchasing laboratory equipment. However, this is one of the most profitable businesses in the agro retail industry. Read More…

We hope this list of 10 best agro reatil business ideas will help you in taking informed decision in starting the business of your own. If you are already having a successful business in the industry, do share your thoughts at our Facebook page.