Top 8 Crafts Making Business Ideas with Agriculture Produce

Are you searching for eco-friendly crafts making business ideas? Do you want to start home-based crafts making business? You can make and sell so many crafts items with agriculture produce from home. Here in this article, we have provided 8 most profitable crafts making business ideas for your ready reference.

Basically, the craft is a perfect product to make and sell from home. Additionally, the crafts making process doesn’t involve any machine operation. You can produce most of the craft items by using some hand tools and equipment.

Also, it is a very good business for the women entrepreneurs and students. Craft items cater a wide range of products. However, kitchen utility items, furniture, home decor and jewelry items are the most popular in the segment.

Basically, crafts making demands specific skill and knowledge. However, there are several Government sponsored and private institutions who conduct training for the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Apart from the retail gift stores, there are several avenues for selling the craft items. Generally, crafts fairs are the best places for selling craft items. Additionally, you must consider online selling. You can sell from the marketplaces and your own store too.

List of 8 Best Crafts Making Business Ideas

#1. Bamboo Crafts Making

You can produce several different items from bamboo. Basically, you can prepare hair accessories, jewelry, home decor items, utility items and furniture. You will need to have only some hand tools for producing those items. Read More…

#2. Cane Crafts Making

Cane furniture items are very popular worldwide. Additionally, these are very durable too. Actually, bamboo acts as an alternative to wood which takes more time to grow and is costlier.

Some of the most popular bamboo made utility items are lamp-stand, umbrella handles, partition, screen, flower pots, baskets, walking sticks, tool handles, fishing rods, tent poles, ladders, toys, fans, cups, mugs, mats etc.

#3. Coir Twisting

Coir is a natural, eco-friendly, waterproof and exceptionally tensile fiber extracted from the nuts of coconut palms. Basically, coir comes in two different colors. One is white and another is brown.

You can produce different types of toys, mats, brushes, mattresses, wall hangings, key rings, pen stands and other home decor items from coir.

#4. Dry Flowers Wreath

Dry flowers are everlasting flowers. Additionally, the demand for the dried flowers is increasing very fast. You can prepare different types of decor items with dry flowers at home. In addition to that, you can prepare greeting cards also with dry flowers.

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#5. Jute Handicrafts

Jute is an eco-friendly fiber. However, the fiber is very useful for making different types of utility items including jewelry. However, handmade jute bag, wall hangings, home decors are very popular items. Also, you can produce different types of dolls with jute.

#6. Palm Leaf Weaving

Palm leaves are very useful in making different items. The list includes maats, hats, serving tray, baskets etc. In addition to that, you can also produce home decor items including wall hangings with palm leaves. Palm leaves are eco-friendly items. And dried leaves ensure long last durability.

#7. Shell Crafts Making

You can produce different types of handicrafts items with seashells. Basically, shell crafts making is all about making colorful and decorative objects by using seashells. You can make curtains, wind chimes, jewelry, wall hangings, lamp shades by using seashells.

#8. Wood Carving

Wood carving is very popular throughout the world. You can produce a wide range of items through wood carving. Basically, it is the artistic practice of shaping and decorating wooden objects into diverse utilitarian and decorative handicrafts items.

However, craftsmen use different types of costly woods for making different items. The most common varieties of wood used for this craft are teak, sal, oak, ebony, mango, Sheesham, etc.

We hope this list of 8 profitable crafts making business ideas will help you in initiating a home-based business of your own.