How To Start A Fruit Juice Manufacturing Company

Starting a fruit juice manufacturing company is a profitable and lucrative venture. However, the business demands careful planning and substantial capital investment.

Fresh fruit juice is a popular item in the beverage industry compared to other packaged drinks. In addition, the consumption of packaged fruit juice is increasing rapidly. Due to its ready-to-eat property, people prefer packaged fruit juice. Additionally, the global juice market is expected to witness significant growth in the recent future.

The global juice market including fruit juice and vegetable juice holds a major share of the global beverage industry. Rising preferences for healthy products and increasing health awareness are fueling the demand for fruit and vegetable juice, in the overall beverage industry.

Furthermore, fruit and vegetable juices are gaining popularity as health and dietary concerns are growing among the consumers. Different flavors of juice that are a blend of fruits and vegetables are gaining popularity with consumers. Currently, orange juice holds the major demand in the global juice market, but other juices like apple juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, tomato juice, grapefruit juice and other single fruit and vegetable juices, mixtures of juices are gaining high attention. So starting a fruit juice manufacturing company is a profitable opportunity for the entrepreneurs.

How To Start Fruit Juice Manufacturing – Step-by-step Guide

Registration & Licensing

This is the first step in starting a fruit juice manufacturing business. Check your state law for registering the business. And accordingly, register your company. Fruit juice manufacturing is a food processing and packaging business. So check the licensing formality from the health department and other concerning departments of it.

Business Plan

This is the most crucial step in starting this business. You must craft a business plan in hand before commencing the business. Do some market research. Try to find out the most popular juices in your locality. Additionally, check what are the raw materials available there.

Determine your range of products. Determine the packaging quantity and system. Try to figure out your potential competitors. And how you will compete with them. Craft a financial calculation with cash flow and expected ROI.


Securing the right business location is extremely important in the manufacturing business. Furthermore, you must provide space for storage, production, office operations, etc. Try to find out a location where you can access manpower, transportation, and other utilities like water and electricity. It is advisable to start the business from a rental property. Because it will reduce your startup budget compared to buying a property.

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Equipment & Raw Materials

According to your desired quantity output, you will need to procure the machinery and equipment. Additionally, it depends on what type of juices you will produce. Generally, you can establish the unit as a semi-automatic or fully-automatic basis.

If you are starting the business with less experience, then never go for fully-automatic arrangements. Furthermore, a semi-automatic plant allows you to know the subject better and scopes for further scale-up.

According to the product, you will need to procure the raw materials. As the raw materials (fresh fruits) are highly perishable items, you must ensure the regular supply.


Starting a fruit juice manufacturing company demands various operational activities like production, purchase, accounting, and marketing. So you will need to employ the right manpower for the different work responsibilities.


Quality and attractive packaging play an important role in product promotion. Because it helps to create good visual aspects. So a durable and attractive packaging is the must for this business. Additionally, the overall success of this business depends on the wide distribution network. However, try to tap the local market first.

And then concentrate on expanding. Additionally, focus on institutional selling. In any sort of consumer food product item, outdoor advertising and television add to play a big role. However, ensuring the availability of your product in every possible retail location is the most crucial aspect for a successful fruit juice manufacturing company.