Government Subsidy Schemes for Agriculture in India

Are you searching for the Central Government subsidy schemes for agriculture or farming business? Find here a list of 10 best Government agriculture subsidy schemes in India.

Basically, agriculture or farming is an evergreen and sunshine sector. Not only the farmers, the subsidy schemes are beneficial for Agril entrepreneurs, corporations, SHG Groups and farmers’ cooperatives also. Additionally, in some cases, the sharecroppers and tenant farmers can also avail the agriculture subsidy through some particular schemes.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of 10 best Government subsidy schemes for agriculture. In addition to that, we have described the eligibility criteria and who can apply for the scheme.

List of 10 Best Government Subsidy Schemes for Agriculture

#1. Rural Godown Scheme

The rural go down scheme comes under the schemes related to agriculture marketing. Basically, the scheme promotes the grading, standardization and quality control of agricultural products to improve their marketability. In addition, the scheme helps in prevention of distress sale by providing the facility of pledge financing and marketing credit.

Who Can Apply

  • Farmers group ( Commodity Interest Group)
  • Farmers Federation
  • Agril. Entrepreneur /Individual farmer
  • Partnership/ proprietary firms
  • Farmer’s cooperatives

#2. Development/Strengthening of Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure, Grading and Standardization

The scheme also comes under the Agriculture Marketing scheme. Basically, the scheme promotes direct marketing so as to increase market efficiency through reduction in intermediaries and handling channels. Therefore, it helps in enhancing farmers’ income.

Who Can Apply

  • Individual farmer
  • Group of farmers/ growers/
  • Partnership/ Proprietary firms
  • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs)
  • Companies, Corporations

#3. Modified National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (MNAIS)

Actually, MNAIS comes under the credit related subsidy schemes. Generally, the scheme provides insurance coverage and financial support to the farmers. It provides financial assistance in the event of failure of any of the notified crop as a result of natural calamities, pests & diseases.

Who Can Apply

  • All farmers including sharecroppers and tenant farmers
  • Individual owner-cultivator
  • Farmers enrolled under contract farming, directly or through promoters/organizers
  • Groups of farmers/societies serviced by Fertilizer Companies
  • Pesticide firms, Crop Growers associations, Self Help Groups (SHGs), NonGovernmental
    Organizations (NGOs)

#4. Coconut Palm Insurance Scheme (CPIS)

Basically, CPIS assists the coconut growers in insuring coconut palms, against natural and other perils. In addition, it provides timely relief to farmers, who suffer income loss due to a sudden death of palms.

Who Can Apply

Individual farmer/grower offering at least 10 healthy nut bearing palms for insurance in specified age group, (4-60 years for dwarf, hybrid and 7-60 years for tall) in contiguous area/plot are eligible
for insurance

#5. Central Sector Scheme Establishment of Agri-Clinics & Agri-Business Centers (ACABC)

The Central Sector Scheme “Establishment of the Agri-clinics and Agri-business Centres (ACABC)” is under implementation since 2002. This program aims to tap the expertise available in the large pool of Agriculture Graduates. Irrespective of whether you are a fresh graduate or not, or whether you are currently employed or not, you can set up your own AgriClinic or AgriBusiness Centre and offer professional extension services to innumerable farmers.

Who Can Apply

  • Agril Entrepreneur
  • Individual farmer

#6. National Horticultural Mission

National Horticulture Mission (NHM) is one of the sub schemes of Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH). Additionally, the schemes provide support to enhance horticulture production, improve nutritional security and income support to farm households.

Who Can Apply

  • Farmer’s Association
  • Farmers’ Companies
  • Registered Farmers’ Societies
  • Farmers’ Cooperatives
  • Extension workers

#7. Aspire Scheme

The Government of India has launched the ASPIRE scheme to promote the rural agro-industry in India. The scheme is for the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship, and agro-industry. The proposed scheme is designed to provide the necessary skill set for setting up business enterprises and also to facilitate the market linkages available to the entrepreneurs.

Who Can Apply

  • Individual farmers
  • Agril Entrepreneurs

#8. National Bamboo Mission

Basically, the National Bamboo Mission provides the growth of the bamboo sector through as an area based regionally differentiated strategy. Additionally, the scheme promotes marketing of bamboo and bamboo based handicrafts.

Who Can Apply

  • Farmer’s Association
  • Farmers’ Companies
  • Bamboo growers
  • Extension workers

#9. National Project on organic farming (NPOF)

Basically, the NPOF promotes the organic farming practice. Additionally, it helps to popularize organic farming for enhancing farm income. Also, it promotes Organic Farming through low-cost certification system known as “Participatory Guarantee System”.

Who Can Apply

  • Individual Farmer
  • Farmers’ group
  • Agri- entrepreneur
  • Service provider

#10. Sub-Mission on Seed and Planting Material (SMSP)

Actually, the SMSP aims to development and strengthening of infrastructure facilities for production
and distribution of quality seeds (DSIS). Additionally, the scheme encourages the seed treatment, particularly for farm saved seed. Furthermore, it promotes new technologies and methodologies in seed production, processing, testing etc.

Who Can Apply

Individual farmers

Agriculture and allied sector account for 14% of the country’s GDP and 13% of overall exports. In addition, the sector provides employment to over 50% of the work force in the country. However, the agriculture and farming activity involves risk of damage and loss. Additionally, it demands both short term and long term capital investment. We hope, this list of best subsidy schemes for agriculture will help you in getting the financial assistance in your particular project.