How To Start Small Scale Honey Processing Business

Do you want to start a small scale honey processing business? Are you searching for a detailed honey processing business plan? Find here a step-by-step guide for starting a honey processing and packaging unit.

Honey is a widely consumable item. In addition, the product has the both domestic and export potential. If you are living ina honey producing area, then you can consider starting a processing unit. The location of the unit plays a huge role in this business. Because you have to source enough raw honey to produce packaged honey.

This is a comparatively easy business to start in the agro processing industry. In addition, the business demands a small startup capital investment initially. However, you can also start the business as large scale.

Market Potential Of Processed Honey

The honey is an essential ingredient in various food recipes. There is considerable demand for the honey and other products. There are so many food processing industries use honey as the major sweetening agent. The list includes bakery, confectionary, candy, marmalades, jams, spreads, breakfast cerals, beverages, milk products and many preserved products.

It also has vast application in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, honey is an important ingredient in the organic or herbal cosmetics industry. Generally, the people who are in dieting process prefer honey as food sweetening item. With changing lifestyle and increasing health consciousness, honey is
been increasing consumed as health food. That is why, the demand for honey in the domestic market is increasing rapidly.

Apart from the domestic market, processed honey has a sustainable demand in the foreign market. In addition, the demand for organic honey is also increasing. Some of the major honey importing countries are Germany, United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan and Italy. China is the world leading producer as well as exporter of honey.

Honey Processing Business Plan

Any type of manufacturing business demands a lot of essential considertaions before commencing the venture. In starting this business, you must consider the easy availability of raw honey continuously in your factory. So, you have to check whether the location is perfect for the business or not.

Check the local market first. You must do a market survey before starting the business. Identify the demand for bulk supply. In addition, try to analyze the local market demand for the processed and branded honey. A brief market survey will help you in crafting the business plan.

According to your investment capacity and skill, determine the business size. If you are an absolute beginner in this industry, it is advisable to start as small. As your business grows you can scale up the business at any moment of time.

In this business, there is no other ancilliary product you can produce. However, you can increase the product range with several other food products. Generally, you need to consider several different aspects in this business. The list includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Management Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Organizing & Management
  • Product Line
  • Fixed Capital & Working Capital Investment
  • Financial Projection
  • Funding Request
  • Marketing & Sales Promotion Strategy

Honey Processing Business Registration & Licensing

Whereever you are starting the business, you have to register the business as per your state law. It hugely depends on the location where you are starting the business. In India, you can register the business with ROC. Otherwise, you can start the business simply as proprietorship.

As you are dealing with the food item, you msut obtain licenses and permissions from the Govt. authority. In India, you have to obtain the license from FSSAI department. In addition, if you want to export the honey, you have to obtain the IEC code.

Honey Processing Plant Setup & Machinery

First of all, you have to secure a location for the production unit. Generally, a 1000 Sq Ft area is sufficient for a small scale processing unit. Additionally, you will need to have a testing laboratory with unit. However, if you are starting a shoestring budget, then you can considering using other laboratories for testing purpose.

Before finalizing the unit location, check the electricity and water availability. In addition, the location must have available transport facility. Generally, a honey processing unit inludes 4 key modules. These are collection center, processing zone, bottling with packaging unit and warehouse.

Some of the major required machines are:

  • Heating, filtering and storage tank
  • Gravity Clarifiers
  • Honey filters
  • Extractors
  • Draining Trays
  • Bottling and sealing machine
  • Storage tanks

In addition, you have to procure some measuring and testing equipment.

Honey Manufacturing Process

Generally, a modern honey processing plant produces processed honey in an automatic process. The steps include procuring raw honey, filtering and packaging. However, quality control and standardization of honey are essential for selling in the international market. For export to European Union (EU) and some other countries, it’s mandatory to control the level of pesticides and insecticidal residue in the finished product. Furthermore, some countries insist for a certificate validating the purchase of honey from the disease free colony.

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Marketing & Sales Promotion Strategy

This is one of the most crucial aspcts to consider in starting a honey processing business. And to set the goal, you must identify your target demographic. Additionally, you have to concentrate on the both retail and institutional selling. Establishing a wide distributor network is just essential in this business. And you also need to offer some schemes to enhance the sell.

A small scale honey processing business is a lucrative opportunity for the new entrepreneurs. However, you must initiate the business in a proper way to get the long-term success in this business.