How To Start Papad Making Business with Low Investment

Papad is a very delicious and tasty snacks item. However, the food is popular in the Asia Pacific region heavily. The manufacturing process is simple. The raw materials are also available widely. Therefore, any individual can start papad making business with small capital investment. Additionally, this is a very lucrative opportunity for women entrepreneurs also.

Papad is a traditional food. Also, it is the good appetizer, carminative and digestive. Basically, papad comes with different tastes and flavours. People consumes papad either as roasted or as fried. Apart from the domestic consumption, hotels, restaurants are the bulk consumers of this product.

Here in this post, we have compiled detailed guide about how to start a small-scale papad making business.

Different Types Of Papad

In papad, the major component is pulse flour. So you can produce different types of papad by using different dals. So of the most popular are Moong papad, Arhar papad, Udad papad, Chana papad, mix papad, masala papad etc. Additionally, taste wise you can also prepare different types of papad. These are Pudina papad, Garlic Papad, Kothimbir Papad, Green Chilli Papad, Palak Papad, Jeera Papad and Red Chilli Papad.

How To Setup A Papad Making Plant?

You can start a papad making unit with a small space. However, it all depends on the business size and desired production output. Generally, you can start the business from a 1000 Sq Ft of covered area. You will need to ensure the water and electricity supply to your unit.

Basically, you have to provide the specific spaces for the production area, packaging, storage, and distribution. Additionally, you must have some space for office operation. Basically, you will need to raise the bills, track the payments etc.

Papad Making Business Compliance

Papad is a processed food item. It also comes under FMCG segment. Therefore, you must obtain the necessary registrations and licenses for this business. And it hugely depends on the location where you are establishing the unit.

In India, you will need to obtain FSSAI license. You must comply with the PFA Act. Also, you will need to follow the BIS standard. You can register your business under Udyog Aadhaar. Additionally, check the tax liabilities for this business.

Papad Making Machine

Different types of papad manufacturing machines are available nowadays. However, choosing the right machine is the most important factor in this business. You must purchase a machine according to the desired production output.

Basically, there are two different types of machine you can consider. One is manual and another is automatic. An automatic machine operates with the help of electricity. Additionally, an automatic machine produces good quality papad with high production rate. Apart from this machine, you will need to have the weighing scale, dough making machine, dryer etc.

You can also produce papad by the papad press developed by CFTRI. It is a simple leg operated machine and toggle mechanism is used to develop high pressure with least effort.

Raw Materials For Papad

The major required raw material is pulse flour. According to the taste you want to produce, you will need to procure the flour. Additionally, you will need to procure edible oil, spices etc. Apart from the ingredients, you will need to procure the packaging consumables. You can pack the papad first in the transparent bags. And then you can use cartoons for bulk packaging.

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Papad Making Process

Basically, you can produce papad with different types of dal or pulses. You will need to use the flour of pulse. Also, you can go for a combination of pulses as well. Firstly, you will need to add an adequate quantity of water with flour of pulses. Then, mix common salt, spices and sodium bicarbonate homogeneously to obtain a dough. After about 30 minutes, prepare small balls weighing around 7-8 grams of dough.

Then place these balls in papad making machine or papad press. Here you can produce circular papads as per the size of the mold. Finally, dry and pack the papad.

The formula plays an important role in this business. It is advisable to source the manufacturing technology from the Govt. institutes. Finally, you must pay keen attention to the distribution of the product to get the long term success in papad making business.