How To Start Beetal Goat Farming Business

Beetal goat is popular as a profitable dairy breed. In addition, the skin of this goat fetches good profits. Also, this breed is very suitable for commercial meat production. Here in this post, we put a detailed guide on how to start a profitable beetal goat farming business.

Generally, beetal goat is a specific breed we find in the Asia Pacific region. And India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are the major countries that rear beetal goats for dairy purposes.

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Beetal Breed has some similar features to the Jamunapari goat breed. The breed is large but slightly smaller than Jamunapari. It is a large animal with an average male body weight of 50 kg. In addition, the colour of their body is red or golden brown with white spots. This breed comes with long sized legs and ears and a short tail. The ears are pendulous.

Advantages of Beetal Goat Farming Business

  • First of all, the breed is perfect for dairy and meat production, In addition, the skin of this breed has good demand in the market.
  • Having a small space or backyard, you can start rearing this breed.
  • The milk productivity is very high. Produce about 2.5-4 liters of milk daily.
  • Their body is compact and well developed.
  • Female goat produces kids for the first time at the age of 20-22 months of age.
  • Finally, this breed is hardy and can adopt themselves with almost all types of agroclimatic conditions.

Important Things To Consider in Beetal Goat Farming

  • First of all, craft a business plan or project report including all important aspects. The list includes procuring the animals, cost of the house, feeding, medical expenses, marketing, and other admin expenses.
  • If you are an absolute beginner, then get some training for beetal goat farming. You can contact the nearby State Animal Husbandry Departments. Generally, this department conducts training and skill development programs for the new entrepreneurs.
  • Buy the first group of goats from reliable farms. Try your best in procuring disease-free and best reproductive animals. In addition, try to get the goats from your nearby seller. So that, you pay a lower transportation cost.
  • You must have a veterinary doctor for both regular checkups and crisis handling. At least keep a doctor on-call basis.
  • Take care of the food. It is advisable to grow green fodders for better feeding.

Step-by-step Guide For Beetal Goat Farming


Goats prefer a dry, clean and healthy area for living. Even their productivity varies by the keeping and maintaining process. And preparing the right housing is the first step in starting the goat farm operation. In addition, make arrangements for grazing in the day time. Make an additional arrangement for keeping the sick animals in time of crisis. Regularly clean the house and other farm equipment and keep them dry as much as possible.

Procuring Goat Kids

After preparing the farmhouse, you have to procure the goat kids. According to your business plan and investment capacity, you have to procure the number of kids. Maintain the right male and female ratio. In addition, definitely, do first vaccination. It is a must for getting healthy and productive animals.


First of all, prepare a proper feed plan. Healthy and nutritious feeding are important to get maximum productivity from your goat farm. You can start the farm by producing nutritious feed from the feed manufacturers. However, for a medium-scale farm, it is advisable to prepare your own feed. Along with healthy food, provide the goats clean and fresh water regularly.

Vaccination & Medicine

Regular vaccination is important in beetal goat farming business. In addition, you must take extra care to the pregnant goats and newborn kids. Arrange a proper treatment for the sick animals immediately. Additionally, routine checkup plays an important role in the successful goat farming business.

Who can Start Beetal Goat Farming?

The business is suitable for every individual. Men, women, students, and even senior individuals can start this business.

The business demands a small startup capital investment. However, it gives a good margin and cash flow. Moreover, beetal goat farming is one of the best income opportunities in rural areas.